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 The challenge we face on the 21st century is the enviroment. The economic and social system with mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal that support the economical development has came to an end. The establishment of a sustainable "recycling society" on a large scale basis is on demand. And with the changing economic sysytem, the important theme is the "Environment". We must not put a load on our environment and we must establish ourselves as a society that coexist with nature. The load that we give on the environment is the demand of energy and food that is caused by the growth of population.

 Living in a convenient and abundant life, providing our need for supplies of large amount of energy and food has caused a lot of burden on our environment. In addition, environmental destruction has occurred from the large amount of waste discharged. Environmental destruction is a global scale that includes the global warming problem. To solve this problem, the demand to develop new energy and dissemination, to create a society that is recycling-oriented and the proper processing of waste is very essential. With these, combined to not putting a load to our environment, we should restore and preserve nature that has been destroyed. For starters, water purification is important because it will regain the rich waterfront thus it will extremely improve the environment.

 Our company , in order to meet the demands of the society, has carried out the latest research and develop advanced technical capabilities on natural energy facilities, recycling facilities, waste water facilities and etc. We offer total solutions to solving problems on waste water treatment facilities. From contract, to a series of projects leading to construction works, research, design, application,construction managements of large-scale projects and etc. We offer a wide range of business to comply your requests.

President Yukio Kogure

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