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 ■ Water purification material MiraCarbon is authorized as water treatment material for public
  institution in Russia.

 ■ Updating technology upgrades water purification function of MiraCarbon【MiraCarbonPlus】.
 ■ Updating water purification example of intermittent water convector system【LAKE-LYFTER】.
 ■ Releasing intermittent water convector system 【LAKE-LYFTER】.
 ■ Introducing MSC and MiraCarbon to Russian national company "Mosvodostok""Mosvodokanal ".
 ■ Contributing to "Material Stage January issue" features 【New use of CarbonFiber】.(PDF)
 ■ Releasing contaminated water treatment system 【MSC Hyper】.


 ■ CarbonFiber water purification material MiraCarbon was trademarked as 【米拉碳纤】in China.
 ■ Distributorship Agreement with BTA GROUP LTD. in Russia
 ■ 日本水生態協会 made an agreement of MOU with Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society.
 ■ CarbonFiber technology at Tokyo International Conference on African Development V
    ●Date: 2013, May, 30th - June, 2nd   
   ●The venue: Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa pref. 
 ■ CarbonFiber technology at 「The 14th Water China, Pump, Valve, & Pipe China 2013
    ●Date: 2013, March, 4th - 6th   
   ●The venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China
 ■ CarbonFiber technology at「Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2013」 by JWG
    ●Date: 2013, February, 1st - 2nd, 10:00~17:00
   ●The venue: Todoroki Arena (Kanagawa pref. Kawasaki city) 
 ■ Activated CarbonFiber advanced mask【MiraMask】are released


 ■ Activated CarbonFiber Environmental Purification Material ACF are released
 ■ Water purification mechanism of CarbonFiber absorbing microorganisms was proved
   ●Environmental Science & Technology
 ■ Business collaboration with Naturvårdsingenjörerna AB in Sweden
  Environment improvement project in Baltic sea and wetland
 ■ Catalog about microbial film process "CarbonFiber Contact Media"(PDF)
 ■ Business collaboration with Umlingo Solutions (Pty) Ltd in South Africa
  Environment improvement project in South Africa and Southern Africa(Sub-Saharan Africa)
 ■ CarbonFiber technology at the "Vibrant Japan" Exhibition to mark the 40th anniversary of
  the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China"

   ●Exhibition of the "Vibrant Japan in Beijing" (PDF)
 ■ Water Purification Project in East Lake with Wuhan University, China (PDF)


 ■ 【COP17 (The 17th Conference of the Parties )】
  CarbonFiber Technology for water use on display in the Japan Pavilion of the Side Events as
  fine Japanese environmental technology. CarbonFiber contributes to global warming prevention
 ■ CarbonFiber technology for water use at
   ●China International Green Innovative Products & Technologies Show 2011
   ●Taiwan International Green Industry Show 2011
 ■ Technical cooperation with College of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Engineering
   in Hubei, China for water purification by the 948 project.
 ■ 【System for contaminated water outflow prevention by MiraCarbon】at Japan Water Guard
 ■ Bottom sediment treatment technology【MSC Method】in Chinese version
 ■ Culture fishery by MiraCarbon
 ■ Updating bottom sediment treatment technology【MSC Method】


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