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Bottom mud process
MSC Method
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 Bottom mud process

Construction Example

Moat of Joshi park in Takasaki city

Dredging range:431.8m、  Amount of dredging sludge:1,081m3(Amount of sludge)
Construction: SO-EN CO., LTD  Planning: (NPO) Japan Water Guard

 ・1 dredging pump machine
 ・1 agitation pump machine
 ・Control devices

Sludge is mixed by an agitation pump on a dredger and high concentration of mud water is sucked by a dredging pump.

Pipes to send mud
 ・on the water: suction hose: 150φ
 ・on the ground: metallic pipe: 150φ
 ・length of the longest pipe: 300m

Mud water is sent to the treatment plant through pipes. In order to correspond with the movement of the dredger, we set up pipes with floats on the water and set up laying metallic pipes on the ground.

Dehydration plant
 ・MSC storage tank, Infusion pump
 ・Polymer coagulant dissolver,Infusion pump
 ・Separation tank for individual liquid :4mφ×4mH
 ・A full set of control device

Chemicals from the treatment plant are put into pipes, while mud water is sent to the treatment plant. Then they are agitated by a mixer. The dirt and the liquid is separated in the separation tank and after the treated water is stabilized,it is released on the treatment yard.

 ・Mixer for 150 f
 ・1 mixer for MSC
 ・1 mixer for polymer coagulant
 ・Setting up on the pipe to send mud water

It does not need a large-scale mixing facility, because mixing is conducted in the middle of the pipes.Processing pollution amont of water will be managed by the flow meter.

Dewatering process yard
 ・Approximately: 800 m
 ・Catchment pipes for drainage
 ・Permeable filter

Mud water which MSC agitated is released to a treatment yard and is immediately separated hydrophobic. There is no bad odor with the odorless function of MSC during the construction.

Separated and treated soil
 ・Carried out by a dump truck
 ・Recycled for plants

Treated soil's water content will approximately be 60% in 2 weeks after treatment. Enables it to be carried out by a dump truck.The treated soil is suitable for plants because it contains large amount of fertilizer such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Furthermore, as treated soil can obtain high degree of consolidation strength due to hydrophobization, it can also be used as an embankment material.

MSC Method
Prevention against bad odor
MSC Hyper
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