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Water Purification with CarbonFiber

MiraCarbon General Catalog 1
MiraCarbon General Catalog 2
Improvement of waste water treatment functions
MiraCarbon Hanging with Rope Set
MiraCarbon Rope-Floating Unit
MiraCarbon Frame Unit
MiraCarbon Floating Unit
MiraCarbon Length Connection
MiraCarbon Kombu
Utilizing Miracarbon for Aquaculture NEW!
CarbonFiber Contact Media
MiraCarbon Plus
MiraCarbon for Waste Water Treatment NEW!

MSC Method

MSC Method 1
MSC Method 2
MSC Hyper


Intermittent Water Convector “LAKE-LYFTER”
Water Purification Example
Shallow water type Lake-Lyfter “POND CLEAN”NEW!

Activated CarbonFiber

ACF Environment Purification Material

Activated CarbonFiber Mask

Plane type
C type
3DGL type
3DJP type
Cone type
ACF Mask List
Ordinary Mask List
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