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Enviromental business

 We purify industrial and domestic waste water to prevent water pollution on rivers, lakes, marsh, sea and etc. We offer economical water treatment technology in accordance with the increasingly stringent Water Pollution Control Law.
 We also deal with air pollution such as dioxin and toxic gas. Environmental countermeasures against noise and vibration. Our research and technology corresponds with the latest environmental countermeasures. The reduction of the generation of the greenhouse gas such as CO2 to prevent global warming.

Water purification by CarbonFiber
Sediment treatment technology 【MSC Mthod】
  MSC Hyper
Intermittent water convector

Enviroment consultant business

 We offer a wide variety or Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. General waste from livelihood and industrial waste are conventionally processed by incineration. We aim to make the society learn to recycle by making the waste turn into new resources with wide range of ideas. We offer the proper treatment of hazardous waste, that is currently being so difficult to dispose. Without proper disposal of waste, it will be harmful and has a great influence on the environment.

Construction Business

 We "make" our constructions considering the environment from all aspects of our daily life. We are blessed with a beautiful nature and rich in water. The water side has developed our culture and serve as our place to live. Let us bear in mind that if we want to live in a sustainable society, we must live in harmony with nature, create a place where we can easily live and stay. And when people gather , the urban development with livable living environment whereas production and commercial facilities should be environment-friendly, for us to create a comfortable social environment.

Consultant business

 We restore the environment by investigating the soil and water pollution that lead to destruction. From research on the site to water purification. The durability of buildings, roads, structures such as railways has decreased with aging. And when disasters such as earthquakes occurs, that has caused a lot of damage lately, we question ourselves if we are safe.
 We offer research technology to know the state of the structure, conduct suggestions of repair and/or reinforcement work, to create a maintenance management system of the structure.

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