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  Activated CarbonFiber
What is ACF?
Manufacturing ACF
Manufacturing process
Form of ACF
Characteristics of ACF
Specific Surface Area
Environmental purification
Application to gas-phase treatment
 1. Organic solvent
 2. Odorous and cigarette
 3. NOx・SOx
Application to Liquid-phase
 1. Chloride compound
 2. Harmful heavy metal ions
 3. Removal of pigment
Environmental Purification Material
Activated Carbon Granular Non-Woven Fabric
Activated Carbon Powder Non-Woven Fabric
Filter mat for watr tankNEW!
ACP Filter Mat
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  ACP Filter Mat
Activated microbes purifies water by excellent pollutant adsorption and microbial adhesion!
Preventing sludge generation by bioaffinity of Activated Carbon Powder!
Excellent biological filter power by keeping space, obtaining microbial adhesion and water flow!
How to Use
Standards of filter mat for water tank

Item number Thickness Size Unit of weight Carbon content Type
ACP-5M 5mm 30cm×20cm 300g/㎡±10% 190g/㎡±10% CF5300
ACP-5L 5mm 50cm×20cm 300g/㎡±10% 190g/㎡±10% CF5300
ACP-10M 10mm 30cm×20cm 400g/㎡±10% 220g/㎡±10% CF10400
ACP-10L 10mm 50cm×20cm 400g/㎡±10% 220g/㎡±10% CF10400

※We can sell with different size, please contact us.(within 1m wide)
Guide for replacement time
  ●It is better to change ACP Filter Mat after around 3 months.
  ●Please change the filter mat when it lose its shape or cause the clogging.

For safety use
  ●Please pull out plugs of electric apparatus such as upper filter before change or care.
  ●Keep water away from circulation pump, plug and other electric apparatus.
  ●This product is a filter mat for aquarium fish water tank. Please refrain from using other uses.
  ●Plese keep this product out of baby's reach.
  ◎Precautions  Please do not wash with detergent or scrub with a scrubbing brush.

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