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Recruiting New Distributors

Recruiting new distributors to sale CarbonFiber water purification material "MiraCarbon"in all countries of the world.
☆Please contact us for the detail.

・CarbonFiber Water Purification Material, MiraCarbon
・Water purification equipments and accessories with MiraCarbon

What kind of distributor systems is it?

To spread and promote MiraCarbon, you can establish a distributor and do business activity as following.

You can sale togeneral customers and construction company.


・A contract for a (distributor(Admission fee)
Japan Water Guard corporate member
A second-class member of Carbon Fiber Make Water Method Association (CFMA)

Exclusive distributor
You can own exclusive rights to a market within determined countries and areas. You enable to sell products to general customers and construction companies. You can recruit and establish a distributor within the area. You are also able to sell wholesale to a distributor.


・A contract as an Exclusive distributor (Admission fee)
・Seting up the minimum sales for a year(security deposit:one third of the minimum yearly sales)
Japan Water Guard corporate members
A second-class member of Carbon Fiber Make Water Method Association (CFMA)

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