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 CarbonFiber Contact Media

MiraCarbon for contact media

General Characteristics of Contact Media
General Characteristics of Contact Media Required surface area and quantity of Tassel Contact media
Model Weight Effective Surface
MiraCarbon CFK-1 20g 10㎡
MiraCarbon CFS-2 20g 10㎡
MiraCarbon CFK-4 50g 12.5㎡
※Textile Type 100g 10㎡
The effective surface of textile CarbonFIber is per 100g
The weight of textile CarbonFIber is 500g/㎡ per textile area
Effective Surface :
  Tassel type 0.5㎡/g (CFK-1, CFS-2)
  Lattice type 0.25㎡/g (CFK-4)
  Textile type 0.1㎡/g
Surface load of sludge:50g/㎡
Tassel Type
Lattice Type
100 240 200 10
150 360 300 15 12
200 480 400 20 16
250 600 500 25 20
300 720 600 30 24
The Standard of tassel type is MiraCarbon CFK-1, CFS-2.
Installation method depends on MiraCarbon tassel type qty.
he length of MiraCarbon lattice type is determined by water depth as CFK-4 as standard.
MiraCarbon lattice type is attached to installation equipment by installing rope
The characteristics of CarbonFIber contact media
Mass adhesion of activated sludge
The filament surface is uneven, so the absorbing amount on each surface is large. The filaments are close to each other, and it can keep mass sludge between filaments. Because sludge gets in deep inside of the clusters, it makes longer residence time. Thus, it can prevent waste sludge.
●Treatment by microorganism activation
Anaerobic bacteria accumulate in the deep inside of the filament cluster. Aerobic bacteria with high activation also accumulate around it by swaying its filament and current of water. Microorganisms activate with swaying filament, and then organic matters such as BOD ・CODare decomposed.MiraCarbon facilitate decomposition and removal of nutrient salts such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Mechanism of water purification
Application consideration
1.MiraCarbon has equal to or larger total specific surface area than advanced activated carbon. However, as contact media, pores inside of filament are not effective for sludge adhesion, so only outside surface area is included to calculate.
2.Because textile CarbonFiber does not spread in the water, effective surface area decreases.
3.Large amount of sludge are attached on the uneven filament surface and between filament.
4.Please use lattice or textile type contact media in case of faster than 0.3 m/s flow or aeration since fiber might be cut down.
5.Please refer the dedicated site for MiraCarbon, installation set, and unit.

Specification and Application
Specification Application
●Material: PAN Water-soluble sizing
●Filament: 7µm×12,000qty
●Effective surface:Tassel type 0.5 ㎡/g
             Lattice type 0.25 ㎡/g
             Textile type 0.1 ㎡/g
●Weight per unit length: 0.8g/m
●For activated sludge process in effluent facility
●For treatment speed, water quality, amount
●For decrease of waste sludge
●For biotreatment in food and chemical factory
●For settle and effluent tank and effluent quality
●For treatment of rivers, lake/marsh, and sea

Contact media installation site in wastewater plant

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