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MiraCarbon Length Connection Set

By vertically connecting MiraCarbon with rope, it facilitates water purification.
It is easy to install by using hook and weight on the top and the bottom.
It is suitable for contact media in purification facility and wastewater treatment facility,
and for floating island.

Length connection set specification

The standard products are made by CFK-3 or CFS-2.

Length connection set
Model Number MiraCarbon Quantity
CarbonFiber amount
IL-2K3- CFK-3 2 1,500 40
IL-3K3- CFK-3 3 2,150 60
IL-4K3- CFK-3 4 2,800 80
IL-5K3- CFK-3 5 3,450 100
IL-6K3- CFK-3 6 4,100 120
IL-K3- CFK-3 650n200 20n
IL-2S2- CFS-2 2 1,600 40
IL-3S2- CFS-2 3 2,300 60
IL-4S2- CFS-2 4 3,000 80
IL-5S2- CFS-2 5 3,700 100
IL-6S2- CFS-2 6 4,400 120
IL-nS2- CFS-2 n 700n200 20n

Standard Specification
MiraCarbon: CFK-3, CFS-2
Hanging rope: PE56mm
Material attachment: Clamping band
Weight: Cast metal weight
Set connection: SUS spring hook

Please contact us about customized size and additional MiraCarbon.
Please note that the specification, size, and appearance may change to improve the quality without prior notice.

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