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Lagoon restoration

 As for lagoon (oxidation pond) in lagoon treatment method, sludge tends to accumulate and it requires maintenance such as regular sludge removal.
 Especially, the amount of deposited sludge is large in anaerobic lagoon and lagoon where aeration is not performed. The treatment capacity will decrease if the sludge is not removed, the certain period of residence time can not be kept and will cause the detoriation of the water treatment ability of the lagoon.
 In addition, in the recent years of economic development with the population concentration on the city of developing countries and countries with poor financial power are having trouble on how to dispose the removed sludge. The increased amount of drainage has also increased the load on the lagoon. The increased drainage volume will also increase the amount of deposited sludge on lagoons with small capacity. With large waste water flows on the lagoons, the inflow of the waste water will only flow on the surface of the lagoons and released without the decomposition of the organic matter. This is the current situation on the lagoons, but with the "MSC method" sludge processing technology and MiraCarbon CarbonFiber technology it is possible to restore the functions of the lagoon treatment facility.

Detoriated lagoon

 The lagoons function declines with the accumulated sludge. The residence time needed for treating waste water is not kept and so it will be released without being treated. The deposited sludge will become anaerobic and will produce malodorous substances such as hydrogen sulfide.

Detoriated lagoon

Shallow lagoons because of the accumulated sludge The release of untreated water

Bottom sediment removal by MSC method

 MSC method is a very economic compact sysytem that can treat sludge in large quantities.
The treated sludge is decomposed and the suppression of the malodorous substance from sulfide and ammonia is performed. And since the MSC treated sludge will become soil rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, it can be re-used as a good agricultural soil.

Schematic view of the MSC method bottom sediment removal
MSC method→

Improving the treatment function by MiraCarbon

 By installing MiraCarbon on lagoons after the sludge has been removed, it can improve water quality, will increase the treatment speed and increase the treatment amount. It will higly restore the lagoon's treatment functions. Decomposition is improved by the activation of the microorganisms, it will reduce the accumulation of sludge and will suppress the generation of malodor.

Improvements by using MiraCarbon

Using MiraCarbon Plus

 Using MiraCarbon Plus to enhance the natural purification mechanism of the lagoon.

■ +Air Aeration
 The aeration has a great influence on the functions of the aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter. When the oxygen supply from the algae's photosynthesis on the surface of the water is not enough to activate the microorganism, oxygen is apllied by aeration equipment.
 By activating the aerobic bacteria that adhered on the MiraCarbon, it will promote the decomposition of pollutants with the water circulation in the lagoon.

■ +Cation Metal ion
 The metal ion mineral substance lacking in the Ecosystem can be provided with the combination of MiraCarbon. Metal ions activate the microbe, promotes the growth of algae, photosynthesis is performed so thus the absorption of nutritive salts and it will improve the water purification effect.

MiraCarbon Plus→

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