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¡¡CarbonFiber Water Purification

MiraCarbon Installation Example

Hanging with Rope Set
¡¡Project Drainage water purification in Hamanaka Yokoyama river
¡¡Orderer National Government
¡¡Location Hokkaido, Kushiro city
¡¡Purification inlet condition
¡¡Purification inlet condition
¡¡SPEC Rope-Floating set¡¡U¡ÝK1¡Ý2¡ß2,022 set¡¡
CFK-1¡ß4,044 qty

Rope-Floating Unit
¡¡Project Todoroki pond water purification
¡¡Orderer Kawasaki city office
¡¡Location Kanagawa, Kawasaki city
¡¡Note Kawasaki city collaborated with JWG to conduct the project
¡¡Installation condition
¡¡SPEC Rope-Floating Unit¡¡2¡ß 10T ¡ß 1unit
Hanging with Rope unit¡¡IU¡Ý3K1¡Ý10¡¡¡ß20set¡¿unit
CFK¡Ý1 ¡ß30 qty¡ß20 set¡á600 qty

Frame Unit
¡¡Project Moat in Oizumi park purification
¡¡Orderer Oizumi city office
¡¡Location Gunma, Oizumi
¡¡Frame Unit 24 set
¡¡After installation
¡¡SPEC Frame Unit¡¡FS200SK1¡Ý18 ¡ß24set¡¡
CFK¡Ý1¡ß18 qty/set, ¡¡CFH¡Ý2¡Ý1¡ß2 ¡ß1 piece/set

Float Unit
¡¡Project Kyushiba river reproduction
¡¡Orderer Local government
¡¡Location Saitama, Kawaguchi city, Hatogaya city
¡¡Installation condition
¡¡Installation condition
¡¡SPEC Float Unit FUH10SK1¡Ý10 ¡ß31unit

MiraCarbon Length-Connection Set
£±¡¥Floating Island
¡¡Project Isshiki drainage water purification
¡¡Orderer Isshiki city office
¡¡Location Aichi, Isshiki town
¡¡MiraCarbon to plant floating island
¡¡Plant floating island condition
¡¡Moving installation site by crane
¡¡Plant island condition
¡¡Installation to surface of channel
¡¡Plant floating island condition
¡¡SPEC MiraCarbon Length-Connection set IL¡Ý2K1¡ÝHW¡ß30 set/unit¡¡¡¡Floating island 6 unit
CFK¡Ý1¡ß60 qty/unit

£²¡¥Wasteawter treatment plant
¡¡Project Food industry wastewater purification
¡¡Orderer Wakayama AgriculturalCo-operatives
¡¡Location Wakayama, Arita city
¡¡Thickener installation condition
¡¡Thickener installation condition
¡¡SPEC MiraCarbon Length-Connection Set¡¡ IL¡Ý3K1¡ÝHW¡ß 144 set/tank
CFK¡Ý1¡ß 432 qty/tank

¡¡Project Tsuruga port environment purification
¡¡Orderer National Government
¡¡Location Fukui, Tsuruga city
¡¡Setting MiraKombu on the work ship
¡¡MiraKombu attached to equipment
¡¡Installation in the sea by crane
¡¡Installation condition in the sea
¡¡Installation condition in the sea
¡¡SPEC Hanging with MiraKombu installation¡¡¡¡CFHK¡Ý3¡ß10qty set¡ß8 set
H type equipment¡¡Float¡ÜWeight set

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