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Plus3 Combined technology upgrades water purification function of MiraCarbon
Relations between CarbonFiber and Microbes
 In water, since all surface electric potentials of CarbonFiber and microbial cell have negative charge, they are repelling each other. However negative charge of CarbonFiber is very small, it does not have electrical resistance. In addition, intermolecular force which materials attract each other is strong between CarbonFiber and microbes. Therefore microbes can adhere to CarbonFiber easily and quickly. Also, it is revealed that nitrifying bacteria which decompose and remove nitrogen adhere to CarbonFiber well.
Relations between CarbonFiber and Metalion
 CarbonFiber is composed mainly in carbon C. Electron of metals are drawn by CarbonFiber and metal ions are eluted by contact between CarbonFiber and metal because electronegativity of carbon C is stronger than electronegativity of metals. Usually Metals such as iron are difficult to dissolve in water, however iron ion is eluted easily when it is installed with CarbonFiber in water.
Electronegativity : Carbon C > Iron Fe
※Electronegativity: it is a measure of strength which intramolecular atom draws electron, it is relatively decided by each kind of atom.

+ Air  CarbonFiber + Circulation Aeation

 Although it is mainly a function of aerobic bacterium to adhere to CarbonFiber and to decompose organic matter, aerobic bacterium does not become active in an environment with little oxygen. When there is little dissolved O2 in water, supply oxygen by aeration. If water circulates by aeration, pollutant contacts with microbes on CarbonFiber and treatment effect increases.
It increases dissolved O2 density in water and promote decomposition such as organic matter or nitrogen. Microbes adheres to CarbonFiber are activated and purification effect is improved. It supplies oxygen to bottom of water and controls elution of nitrogen and phosphorus from bottom mud. It helps equalization of water temperature by circulating the whole of water area.
Installing intermittent water convector・aeration system etc in water and supplying air.

+ Bio CarbonFiber + Microbes

 Microbes are attracted and adhere to CarbonFiber. However in an environment where there is little or no microbes, water purification does not advance. Water contamination continues when blue-green algae increases and zooplankton decreases. In this case, it is effective to supply microbes which become seed microbes.
  Zooplankton directly prey and decompose phytoplankton. Microbes begins to live on CarbonFiber, they are activated, multiply and gain weight. Microbes decompose organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus, contribute to water purification. Microbes become bait for aquatic organism and also for fish etc.
Supplying microbes directly to CarbonFiber.

+ Cation  CarbonFiber + Metal Ion

 Since CarbonFiber, pollutant and microbes have negative charge in water, they can easily approache and attach when electrical neutralization with positive (metal) ion is performed. Iron ion is essential minerals for ecosystem in water, it activates microbes and combines with phosphate ion, does not become nutrition source for blue-green algae etc.
 Metal ions such as iron are the elements which are essential to make rich ecosystem.

No Iron →Aquatic plant and seaweed cannot grow up, and ecosystem is destroyed.
        Nitrogen and phosphorus increase Algae and red tide, contaminate water.

With Iron →aquatic plant and seaweed grow up, rich ecosystem is formed. Nutriment
          for algae and red tide is quitted and they does not increase.

Phosphate ion becomes iron phosphate and is immobilized combining with iron ion.
PO4 + Fe  → FePO4
Installing CarbonFiber and metals at the same time.

Compatible standard product

Please see the catalog for details of each standard product.
We don't sell microbes for + B as standard products. We offer it according to the field site.
We offer aeration system, microbubble generation system and installation equipments for + A as options.
We offer metals such as iron, copper and installation equipments for + C as options.
If you use other products, please choose products which adapt to CarbonFiber for water purification material. We cannot guarantee the effects.

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