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 CarbonFiber for water purification Material MiraCarbon

MiraCarbon Set Products

 Carbon Fiber for water purification material MiraCarobn should be installed to sway effectively in water. Installation methods are hanging, frame, float, bottom-laying, float + bottom-laying depending on site conditions and purpose of use.
We sell each method of set products and unit products.

Hanging with Rope Set
 By hanging MiraCarbon with Rope, it facilitates water purification.
   U type hanging with rope sets
   I type hanging with rope sets

Rope Floating Unit
 Large volume of water can be purified effectively and economically. This unit enables to be installed widespread area by adding on units.
Rope Floating Unit

Frame Unit
 The upper and lower sides of MiraCarbon are fixed, so it effectively works in the water.

Floating Unit
 The bottoms of MiraCarbon are fixed with steel-frames and floats are attached to the top, so it can sway like plants.

Length Connection Set
 By vertically connecting MiraCarbon with rope, it facilitates water purification.

Sea forest by MiraCarbon Kombu

※We can manufacture and sell special order products according to various situations, please consult us.
※Since CarbonFiber for water purification material is a patented technology, you cannot sell by constructing or cannot contract MiraCarbon without permission.
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