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Improvement of waste water treatment functions

With CarbonFiber, activated Microoganisms improve biological treatment function.
 ☆ By activated microorganisms,
    treatment speed improves!

  ☆ By reduction of contact time,
    treatment capacity improves!

  ☆ If it is same length of contact time,
    water purification improves!

  Compared to the conventional contact media
  Equivalent efficacy can be obtained by 1/3 contact time length.

Advantages by CarbonFiber

  • It has high processing speed of decomposition by microorganism's activation.
  • Minimal generation of excess sludge, and minimal peeling off of attached matter.
  • Large denitrification and dephosphorization effects.
  • High suspended particle capture effect.
  • Low installation cost, easy maintenance control, and no running costs.

Water purification effect by CarbonFiber

  • Decrese Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Decrese Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Decomposability decrese Total Nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphorus (TP)
  • Adsorbable decrease Suspended Solid (SS)
  • Decrease heavy metals adsorption

Installation position of treatment facilities

  • Flow equalization tank (load reduction)
  • Contact aeration tank (contacting media)
  • Setting tank (contacting media, adsorbing media)
  • Filtration tank (contacting media, adsorbing media)
  • Effluent tank (improvement if effluent water quality)

Demonstrates its effectiveness in such cases

  • Measure against increase of treatmnet water
  • Measure against increase of treatment load
  • Measuse against change of treatment load
  • Measuse against rivers where water is discharged and strengthening regulations in a sea area
  • Measuse against stabilizing functions of treatement facilities

For installation

  • Textile type is suitable for a tank like a large amount of aeration
    and eddying flow is generated frequently.
    Recommended :Miracarbon Kombu (length is decided by water depth)
    Textile type CarbonFiber(CFH-2×long)
  • CarbonFiber Membrane Unit (on sale soon)
  • Tassel type is suitable for a tank like small amount of water and
    more effect is needed.
    Recommended :MiraCarbon length connection set
        (length is decided by water depth)
  • Please contact us for actual installation amount and installation method.

■ Biological Treatment Tank

 With MiraCarbon, using the activated sludge method and contact aeration method etc. as a contacting media
in biological treatment tank, it activate microorganisms improvement and stable of treatment.

■ Septic Tank

 With MiraCarbon in anaerobic and contact aeration tank, it promote biological decomposition contaminants.

■ Filteration Treatment Tank

 With MiraCarbon in a filteration treatment tank, it expand contaminants adsorption and promote biodegradation.

■ Settling Tank

 Suspended solid and microorganisms in settling tank are adsorbed on the MiraCarbon, it biodegrade and improve
treatment water quality.

Contact Aeration Method by MiraCarbon

 MiraCarbon will be installed as a contacting media in biological treatment tank, then heavy microorganisms are adsorbed
and activated due to the large surface area and high biocompability. This method is easy maintenance control and stable fulfill a function because heavy microorganisms adsorbed in prime condition and treatment wastewater.

●Existing treatment tank facilities by MiraCarbon

 With MiraCarbon, it expands significant improvement of function simply by installing in existing treatment tank.

●Choose installation of MiraCarbon

 Textile type is suitable fir 1st and 2nd treatment like a high-load and large amount of aeration. Tassel type is suitable for
aftertreatment settling tank and effluent tank like a long residence time and gently water flow.

 Adapted type
 Aeration tank etc:MiraCarbon CFK-4、CFH-2 Combination Unit
 Settling tank etc:MiraCarbon CFK-1、CFS-2 Hanging type

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