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Usage of CarbonFiber to the sea culture and culture with a tank

To make livable environment for fish by MiraCarbon!!   
  When water quality gets worse by overfeeding and waste matter in culture for marine products, it might cause to be sickness and infectious disease. Moreover, unlike culture in a tank, culture in the sea is influenced by open sea and river water. In case of red tide, poor oxygen, and bottom sediment in eutrophicated ocean area,  culture's environment gets worse and worse.
  MiraCarbon forms activated biofilm due to its high bioaffinity, and then pollutants are caught and decomposed by the action of the microorganism. Without any negative impact on ecological system, it makes good habitats for fish and aquatic livings. Moreover, It works as seaweed bed for places where to lay eggs and to bring up young fishes.

Problems of marine product cultivation

The advantages of using CarbonFiber

 ■Water quality improvement
   CarbonFiber adsorbs polluted substance, and water quality and bottom sediment are improved by decomposition.
   Nutrient salts are reduced and eutrophication is controlled.
   It is safe due to small environmental impact.

 ■Increase of marine products
   Disease and death of fish decrease due to improvement of water quality.
    The number of catches of fish is also expected to increase.
   Growth of fish is facilitated due to improvement of water quality. Quality and safety improve.

 ■Reduction of the cost
   Can expect the reduction of the amount of antibiotics by improvement of water quality.
    Can use CarbonFiber for long term because it does not go rotten and not deteriorate.
   Can save time to change water because the water is kept as clean for long term.


 Water purification in a tank of cultivation and culture farm
 ・Water purification in inner bay (sea area)   ・Water purification in tank of cultivation
 Sea cultivation and Cultivation in a tank
 ・The spawning place    ・Raising place for young fish   ・Seed bed    ・Seaweed culture   

Installation Method

 It is important to understand installation site condition.
Especially, the condition of the sea culture changes more than the condition of inland body of water.
It is necessary to choose a certain installation method under various conditions.
The main considering points of installation are as follows.

■Topography   Submarine topography, bottom sediment (sludge), closed water area, water depth
■Current     Tide, stream, river inflow, existence or non-existence of circulation system
■Environment  Fish's lifestyle (planetism, benthic), the size of culture, shape of facility

Construction Example 1: In the sea

 This method is to purify seawater. CarbonFiber is attached to a fish-preserve raft.
 By installing a fish-preserve raft in enclosed bay, purification effects are expected.
 It is also used for supporting places for fishes.

Construction Example 2: In a tank

 This is a method to install CarbonFiber to the purification plant, then after purifying water, it is back to the tank.
Efficiency of water purification is improved by separating purification plant from the culture tank. This method is valid for the tank which can not install CarbonFiber.

Construction Example 3: In a tank

 This method is to install CarbonFiber to the culture tank and purify water in the tank.
It is enable to install CarbonFiber to the existing tank. Changing place of CarbonFiber depends on kind of fish is expected as a function of seaweed bed and purifying pollutant in the bottom of tank.

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