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 Water purification material MiraCarbon's Feature and Comparison

Feature of water purification material MiraCarbon

 Water purification material MiraCarbon is manufactured by PAN type (polyacrylonitrile) CarbonFiber, and water-soluble sizing treatment is conducted to make it expand in water. CarbonFiber consists of one bundle of 12,000 ultra-fine, 7 µm filaments in diameter. In water, sizing agents dissolve, and 12,000 filaments expand. Since each filament has patterned indented surface, the bundle has large surface area. Due to the various characteristics of CarbonFiber, pollutant or bacteria/microbes are attached to CarbonFiber. Water purification is conducted because microbes are activated and it decompose and remove pollutant.

Adhesion amount of microbes to CarbonFiber
The amount of bacterial/microbial adhesion of CarbonFiber is larger than other fibers. In addition, these microorganisms are less likely to be peeled off and highly activated.
The short term comparison of adhesion amount
The adhesion amount: CarbonFiber > Silicon carbide > Kevlar > Polyester > Acrylic
The comparison of adhesioin condition
The adhesion amount: CarbonFiber > Nylon >> Polyester
The exfoliation amount: Polyester >> Nylon > CarbonFiber
The activation of microorganisms: CarbonFiber  > Polyester > Nylon
Characteristics and precautions of CarbonFiber
Characteristics of CarbonFiber
Light and strong (Mechanical characteristics)
Since CarbonFiber is superior in specific strength and elastic modulus (specific rigidity) to vegetable fiber and synthetic fiber, it can keep linear shape in water and can sway with a small action of water.
High dimensional stability and heat resistance (Heat characteristics)
CarbonFiber has low heat expansion coefficient and high dimensional stability. Hence, even under every temperature, it is less likely to lose its mechanical characteristics.
Low electric resistance and high electrical conductivity (Electrical characteristics)
In addition to Low electric resistance, it has high electrical conductivity (volume resistivity value). Since electric charge is small, bacteria/microbes are easy to adhere and be activated without no barrier.
Precautions of CarbonFiber
CarbonFiber is thin and has small total elongation, so it might be damaged or become fluff. Special care shall be paid about type and method when it is installed to a rapid water or vortex generating place.
CarbonFiber lose its water purification effect when it is taken from water and dried after it is installed in water. Please keep wet condition when taking from water temporarily.

Comparison between MiraCarbon and String contact media

Name Application MiraCarbon String contact media Note
Type MiraCarbon CFK-1 Marketed product
Material CarbonFiber PV,PP,PVA
Length Sales unit 0.65 1.0
Weight Fiber amount 20.0 g/pc 50.0 g/m Standard product
Pictures of products
Specific surface area Standard 0.5 ㎡/g 0.3~3.0 ㎡/m General value
Standard product
Effective 10 ㎡/pc 1.0 ㎡/m
Microbial amount Standard 50 g/㎡ 10 g/㎡
Effective 500 g/pc 10 g/m
Installation quantity 50㎡/㎥ 5 pcs/㎥ 50 m/㎥ Necessary specific surface area
100㎡/㎥ 10 pcs/㎥ 100 m/㎥
200㎡/㎥ 20 pcs/㎥ 200 m/㎥
Unit price JPY(Yen) 1,400 JPY/ pc 300 JPY/m Published price
Cost 50㎡/㎥ 7,000 JPY/㎥ 15,000 JPY/㎥ Necessary specific surface area
100㎡/㎥ 14,000 JPY/㎥ 30,000 JPY/㎥
200㎡/㎥ 28,000 JPY/㎥ 60,000 JPY/㎥
Installation situation
General comment Although the price of CarbonFiber for water purification material is higher than that of string contact media, quantity of specific surface area and microbial adhesion amount is much larger. Therefore installation quantity from necessary specific surface area is small. As a result, the cost is low and cost-effectiveness is high.
※ Because the string contact media has various products of each materials and makers, we made comparison with a standard product.

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