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 Carbon Fiber

Water Purification with Carbon Fiber

What is CarbonFiber?

  Carbon fiber is a “fibrous carbon substance having a fine graphite crystal structure” which is composed mainly by carbon and manufactured by carbonizing acryl fibers, oil, and carbon by a special heat treatment process. It is generally said to be a “light, strong, corrosion-resistant” advanced functional material. It is widely used in diverse applications, taking advantage of its combination of properties as a lightweight materials with excellent mechanical properties, and its excellent properties as a carbon material.

 Activated CarbonFiber is manufactured by enlarging specific surface area of CarbonFiber by activating treatment. Activated carbonFiber is applied for various products as advanced adsorption material by utilizing its characteristics.
◇Activated CarbonFiber enviromantal material
CarbonFiber used for use as a water purification materials (as a contact media)
   CarbonFiber which is used for use as a water purification materials are given a special surface treatment. It is PAN type (manufactured by carbonizing polyacrylonitrile which is manufactured to cause the fibers to expand in water, different from general industrial use. Carbon fibers for water purification consist of bundles of 12,000 or 15,000 ultra-fine, 7μm filaments. 

 Please note that the carbon fiber for genera lindsutrial use is sold for water purification, however it is different from CarbonFiber product given a sizing treatment for water use.
 As for CarbonFiber which is given a special surface treatement, sizing agent dissolves in water and each fibers expand in water. The carbon fiber for general indsutrial doesn't expand in water because it uses epoxy type sizing agent. There is a significant difference of effect between them.
 Water purification material manufuctured by CarbonFiber for water purification is “MiraCarbon” only.

Water purification using carbon fiber is economical and effective method. And it is low environmental impact.
Active biofilm are formed by high bioaffinity of carbon fiber, and its microorganisms decompose contaminants.
CarbonFiber activates microorganisms and gather fishes. Carbon fiber exercises seaweed bed function.

Functions of CarbonFiber

Mechanism of water purufication
   Water purification by CarbonFiber is performed by pollutant capturing ability from large specific surface of CarbonFiber's ultra-fine filaments and biofilm formed by effective microorganisms decompose pollutants. This mechanism of water purufication is a biofilm treatment method which is one of the wastewater treatment method using CarobonFiber as a contact media.

Each fibers of CarbonFiber expand in water.

Pollutants and microorganisms in water are adsorbed.

Adhered microorganisms form an active biofilm and decompose pollutants.
CarbonFiber become a habitat for laying eggs of fishes
by activating microorganisms
When immersed in water, a water-soluble sizing agent dissolves, and the filaments unravel and spread.

Pollutants are adsorbed and microorganisms are fixed on the large surface area of the carbon fiber.

Bio film ( radical sludge)

Microorganism (microscope photo)

Mechanism of Water Purification
Swaying of the carbon fibers causes movement
of the water and decompostion of pollutants
Main rutrients and metabolism products
of microcr gmnisms in microbial film

Water purification using biological membrane

Decomposition of organic matter
  There are aerobic bacterium (bacteria which likes oxygen) and an anaerobic bacterium (bacteria which likes anoxia). Organic matter is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the aerobic condition by aerobic bacterium, and organic matter is decomposed into methane, carbon dioxide under the anoxia by an anaerobic bacterium.

Decomposition of organic matter under the condition of aerobic and anaerobic Decomposition of organic matter using biological membrane

Removal of Nutritive salts (Nitrogen and phosphorus)
  There are denitrification bacteria in microbe group and it decompose nitrate nitrogen, which is formed by a nitrification reaction, into nitrogen gas and scatters in the air. In addition, phosphorus is removed from water because microbes accumulate phosphate ion as polyphosphoric acid. CarbonFiber elutes iron ion and when iron ion and phosphate ion react, it becomes iron phosphate. It is insolubilized and fixed.

Biological nitrogen removal Biological/chemical phosphorus removal
Source: Guideline of CarbonFiber Technology for water use -Environmental water version-

Water purification using CarbonFiber depends on the function of bio film which adheres to fiber as well as adsorption effect of CarbonFiber itself. It is difficult to have water purification effect in the environment where
bio film is not formed. In addition, in environments where there is no microbe, in a deficient oxygen state (lack of dissolved O2 DO), or water without current or movement, it takes a lot of time until the effect is produced. Therefore, it is important to make microbe environment for a higher water purification effect. (Measures: oxygen supply, circulation etc)

◇MiraCarbon Plus

Water Purification Effect

 Water quality purification using carbon fiber is effective in improvement of transparency in a short time, decrease COD and BOD, and purification of TN and TP.

Removal rate of water quality purification using carbon fiber items(%)
items river lake sewage
 biological oxygen demand (BOD) 50〜70 20〜90 90〜95
 suspended solid (SS) 50〜70 20〜90 90〜95
 total nitrogen (TN) 10〜30 10〜30 30〜70
 total phosphorus (TP) 10〜50 30〜90 30〜50


Water use by CarbonFiber:
water purification and seaweed bed formation is a patent technology.

【Patent number 3331372】 CarbonFiber artificial seaweed bed system combined
CarbonFiber artificial seaweed bed and various kinds of CarbonFiber artificial seaweed bed

【Patent number 3328700】 Wastewater purification method

【Patent number 3080567】 Artificial seaweed bed

【Patent number 2954509】 Contact filter media in catalytic oxidation water purification system

Our company promote this technology by the agreement with
Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Please contact us if you want to use Miracarbon for business purpose.

Patent relating to the installation of CarbonFiber water purification material
【Publication number 2009-195848】 Water purification structure: Floating island method

【Publication number 2009-195849】 Water purification structure: Hanging with rope method

【Publication number 2009-195850】 Water purification system: Water purification unit and
water purification system

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