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 The global warming measures

The global warming measures by MiraCarbon

 Global warming is caused by greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide as the causative agents.The greenhouse gas concentration on the atmosphere can be reduced by suppressing the greenhouse gas generation.
 MiraCarbon water purification material installed on waste water treatment facilities,lakes,rivers and sea can absorb and suppress greenhouse gas.

Absorption of Carbon Dioxide

 Carbon dioxide is an essential gas to the earth material circulation,it also supplies the plants oxygen and helps its growth.Therefore it is important to have mitigation measures on carbon dioxide not only to suppress its generation.In order to increase the circulation function of oxygen,absorption from trees and plants is important.
 The increase of artificial carbon dioxide by humans will dissolve in the sea but it will make the seawater acidic and will strongly interfere the carbonated calcium that makes the bones and shells of the sea organisms, giving a negative effect on sea life.Therefore,phytoplankton and seaweed absorption is necessary.Photosynthetic plants in shallow waters that can be easily reached by sunlight can absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, fixing the carbon and will release oxygen.

★Seaforest restoration projects by MiraKombu
 In recent years,the waters of the coastal areas due to the progress of urbanization and farmland development on the inlands has made it difficult for earth minerals to flow into the sea because dams and riverbanks were built.Minerals are provided by the forest but with unplanned deforestation and forestry and without care,the forest are left devastated.If the minerals from the forest will not reach the sea,seaweeds can not breed and will also reduce photosynthesis function. From this situation,regenerating the seaforest by increasing the seaweeds can help the sea increase its circulation function abilities and be a global warming countermeasure.The regeneration of the seaforest will increase the habitats of the fish which is the seagrass and will lead to the improvement of marine ecosystems and our marine resources.

 CarbonFiber a material made from carbon with high biological compatibility with its large surface can easily attract and attach seaweed implantation and spores.It also has characteristics that once the seaweeds had attached is is difficult to remove.That is why installing MiraKombu in the sea will attract and attach spores and will grow as seedlings.And if there are no spores or less spores on the sea,placing seed thread seaweed to MiraKombu will germinate seaweeds. Seaweeds will grow and will construct the sea forest.
 And because of the biological compatibility of MiraKombu,fishes will be attracted to lay their eggs,making MiraKombu as their habitats.Seashells will prefer MiraKombu as well.The seeds and saplings of shellfish such as oysters and sea squirts and their eggs will grow early and the growth will be big. CarbonFiber combined with iron will elute iron minerals due to the difference in electro negativity, algaes will grow and will give a positive effect such as productivity of fish and marine resources.

Dinitrogen monoxide (N2O) generation suppression

  Organic matter treatment, such as in public sewage treatment facilities and livestock waste water treatment facilities are generally carried out by the activated sludge method. Organic matter with aeration in activated sludge treatment tankwill be decomposed. Ammonia nitrogen in the waste water will be nitrified by nitrifying bacteria activated by aeration will change nitrite NO2 to nitrate NO3. Nitrite NO2 and Nitrate NO3 will accumulate in the tank and dinitrogen monoxide N2O will occur. Biological nitrogen treatment process in waste water facilities that uses anaerobic tanks will decompose nitrate NO3 to nitrogen N2 but by doing this dinitrogen monoxide N2O will occur. Furthermore, dinitrogen monoxide N2O will also generate from the waste sludge on the aeration tank and sludge in anaerobic condition will generate methane CH4.

 The mechanism of dinitrogen monoxide N2O generation has also been carried out in the same manner in rivers and lakes. Ammonia nitrogen that flows on the rivers and lakes will be nitrified by the oxygen in the water, nitrite NO2 and nitrate NO3 will accumulate.In addition, the presence of NO3 in agricultural and household waste water accumulated will generate dinitrogen monoxide N2O.Methane CH4 will occur when the bottom parts of the water is in anaerobic condition.In order to suppress dinitrogen monoxide N2O, is to prevent nitrite NO2 and nitrate NO3 to accumulate in the water.To decompose nitrate NO3 to nitrogen in a biological nitrogen process, it will require denitrifying bacteria in anaerobic conditions.
 In the activated sludge treatment tank, if denitrifying bacteria in anaeroic conditions are created the reaction of ammonia nitrogen NH4 → nitrite NO2 and nitrate NO3 → nitrogen N2 is promptly carried out, generation of nitrous oxide is suppressed. To break from nitrate NO3 to nitrogen, the same as the biological nitrogen processing, it requires the action of denitrifying bacteria in anaerobic conditions

★Dinitrogen monoxide generation suppression by MiraCarbon
  CarbonFiber water purification material with its large surface area that adheres microorganisms will decompose and remove nutrients such as organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus. CarbonFiber when placed in water will spread and will make a carbon mass,making the surface area in aerobic condition with nitrifying bacteria and the inside area in anaerobic state will adhere denitrifying bacteria.Therefore, ammonia nitrogen is nitrified in the surface by the nitrifying bacteria will become nitric acid, decomposed from nitrate to nitrogen and water by the denitrifying bacteria on the inside, nitrogen is then diffused into the atmosphere. In the CarbonFiber biofilm, nitrifying bacteria on aerobic conditions, the presence of denitrifying bacteria of anaerobic conditions, nitrogen decomposition reaction is promptly carried out, the generation of dinitrogen monoxide, a greenhouse gas can be suppressed.
  In the same way, by using the CarbonFiber water purification material, in water purification of rivers and lakes, nitrogen removal, such as ammonia nitrogen and nitric acid in the water is promptly carried out, along with the results of high nitrogen removal effect, greenhouse gas generation of dinitrogen monoxide will be suppressed.
Dinitrogen monoxide in the activated sludge (N2O) generation

Dinitrogen monoxide (N2O) generation suppression by CarbonFiber

Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions by the activated sludge method and CarbonFiber method

Comparison of the activated sludge method and nitrogen reduction by CarbonFiber method

Souce:Mitigation of nitrous oxide (N2O) emission from swine wastewater treatment in an aerobic bioreactor packed with carbon fibers, Takahiro YAMASHITA, Ryoko YAMAMOTO-IKEMOTO, Hiroshi YOKOYAMA, Hirofumi KAWAHARA, Akifumi OGINO, Takashi OSADA, Animal Science Journal, In Press, 2015

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