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 MiraCarbon Types
MiraCarbon is a registered product of SO-EN CO.,LTD.
SO-EN CO.,LTD. is the only total distributor of CarbonFiber water purification material. Beware of imitation products.
MiraCarbon products specification change.

K series

Model Number CFK-1 CFK-3New CFK-4
Total Length 65 cm 65 cm 100 cm
Unit Length 16 cm 32 cm 100 cm
Width 32 cm 34 cm 65 cm
Tassel Qty 120(one side 60) qty 60 qty 60 qty
CarbonFiber Amount 20 g 20 g 50(→60) g
* Please note that CFK-1 is disturbed by water flow at the fiber edge in a severe water current situation and may be damaged.
* CFK-3New is the improved product of CFK-1 and Old CFK-3 which reinforced with a band cloth on both sides of the fiber to prevent carbon fiber damage.
* Please use CFK-3New in wastewater treatment tanks and rivers.
How to assemble MiraCarbon CFK-3New.

S series

Model Number CFS-1 CFS-2 CFS-5
Total Length 15 cm 70 cm 50(→40) cm
Unit Length 14(→11) cm 16 cm 40 cm
Width 30 cm 32 cm 55 cm
Tassel Qty 24 qty 120 qty 40 qty
CarbonFiber Amount 3 g 20 g 17 g

H series

Model Number CFH-1 CFH-2 CFHK
Total Length 65 cm 100 cm 2, 3, 4
Standard Length
Unit Length - cm - cm - cm
Width 15 cm 100 cm 15 cm
Tassel Qty - qty - qty - qty
CarbonFiber Amount 40 g 500 g 75 g/m

* Size of tolerance is ±5%
* This list shows MiraCarbon materials. Please go to installation method for actual installation.
* Please note that the use, visual, and visual aspects of MiraCarbon can be changed for improvement without notices.
* Please note that CFHK is ordering production.

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